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About Cybergrrl, Inc.

Cybergrrl, Inc. is a media and entertainment company specializing in online content, resources, sites and communities for women and girls.

Founded in January, 1995, Cybergrrl, Inc. has been at the forefront of the Internet explosion. We are pioneers in using the Internet as an effective marketing and communication tool.

Content Syndication, Licensing and Development

We specialize in interactive content development and management perfectly suited for the online medium. Clients include:

 Lifetime Online (UK)

 Jane Magazine

Website Development and/or Online Marketing

We work with select clients on website development, from concept to implementation. In addition, we offer strategic online marketing consulting including search engine optimization, announcements and posts and online promotions. Clients include:



Jane Cosmetics

 Salon AKS

 Jane Magazine

Menopause Matters

We also offer a wide range of advertising opportunities and sponsorship.

For more information please contact our Client Services Department at [email protected], or call 212-535-2001 x502.

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