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June 26, 2003
Women Animators Rebound from Gainax-Bounce
CEO Kevin Kennedy of WebGrrls, an Internet site for women interested in new media and technology to network and exchange job leads, believes that women have a big future in technology because the computer field is changing to suit the way women think. "Women think relationally, and computer jobs are becoming less about building hardware and more about cultivating relationships and connections," says Kennedy.
March, 2003
Women work it out
Webgrrls International gives career tips and tech updates, tech tools, ways to succeed in life and work, thus tit bits on every thing you would want to know. If you have not yet registered on the site, you are missing out on many things.
Social Funds
Dice Announces New Service to Help Customers with Diversity Hiring Needs
"Participating in Dice's premiere diversity program, DiceDiversity, allows Webgrrls International to leverage Dice's leading position in the tech sector to reach into corporate America," said Kevin Kennedy, CEO of Webgrrls International. "Working with Dice will ensure that women, our members, are aware of and have access to the available jobs in the marketplace."
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