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November 29, 1999
Object Databases Move to the Middle
Cybergrrl, Inc. builds relationships with its female community through a Web site dedicated to encouraging women and girls to embrace technology and make it a part of their everyday lives. With 350,000 to 500,000 unique visits per month, Cybergrrl is an iVendor beta partner.

November 1, 1999
It's a Woman's World: Adventure Travel Is Now a Female Pursuit
Featured Site: Web site with a global view

July 15, 1999
Chicago as Internet Mecca?
To this day, Chicago believes it lost Netscape, and the city fathers aren't going to let it happen again, even if they have to bet the pension fund. Kelly Fitzsimmons, an Internet consultant with a systems integration company and the head of the Chicago chapter of Webgrrls, says the city is "a nice blend of ethnicities, job opportunities, and young and old people."

July, 1999
New Net Millionaires
The dizzying speed with which new Internet companies pop up. . . is enough to make your head spin. From a field of thousands, why did we pick these 11 companies to put on our pages? It's not necessarily fame or fortune but simply our sense that these businesses. . . show the spectrum of possibilities open to any Internet entrepreneur ready to think fast and move faster. . . "The [Cybergrrl] site offers the best of both worlds," says Sherman. "It has the instantaneous global reach of the Internet, and the impetus for total strangers to meet and talk."

June 2, 1999
Web Clicks with Women's Needs
Sherman, 31, says she's confident Cybergrrl will survive as a women's brand online. But now that the big boys—and big girls—are in the Web game, she knows the stakes are higher than they've ever been.

April 2, 1999
Web Targets Women Users from iVillage to, the Net Is Making a Play for the Female Market
"I think the bigger sites often use a lot of the traditional models. They come from traditional media, traditional publishing," observes Aliza Sherman, founder of Cybergrrl, one of the oldest women's sites on the Internet. "I think the most unique and original sites out there are produced by individual women and young companies."

March 25, 1999
Online Women's Site Connects with Cybergrrl
Cybergrrl will supply's Technology Center with a weekly column of advice and information on topics ranging from safety in cyberspace to Internet search strategies, booking travel arrangements online to marketing a business online.

January 26, 1999
Web Separates Women From Grrls
Aliza Sherman is a cybergrrl, part of an underground Internet scene of bristling 'zines, leftist political activism and moxie. One of Sherman's earliest acts as a leading cybergrrl was to create Femina, the first search engine for women's Web sites. She gave it a pink background. Sherman likes pink. It's her favorite color. "I can't tell you how many women e-mailed me, outraged that I would stereotype women," she said. "Here I have created the first engine for women's sites, and the background color has become a political issue. I think women should create things they love, that they're comfortable with."


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