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October 9, 1998
A Conversation with Aliza Sherman a.k.a Cybergrrl
"I think the doors are wide open in new media for women. I think that women should support other women in the industry. That's why we founded Webgrrls Intl. - for women to meet, to talk about new media and the Internet, and to learn new skills. It is global. There are over 100 chapters worldwide, and women gain momentum in the industry from joining. Women are basically coming in and taking over, so they are making big changes. Women don't have to conform to 18 year old geek style but neither does anyone else, so I think we just need to create our own spaces and put our own personal touch on the Web."

August 4, 1998
Talking Banks out of Money
When Internet entrepreneur Aliza Sherman first went to the bank for a business loan, everything was going well until they asked her about her personal credit.

June 17, 1998
Tech Leaders Warn of 'Great Divide'
Seven powerful figures from the worlds of communications, computing and government. . . spoke for nearly two hours about what digital media and technology will offer consumers in three to five years. . . Table talkers: FCC's William Kennard, NBC's Scott Sassa, Lucent's Rich McGinn, Comcast's Brian Roberts, 3Com's Eric Benhamou, Dell Computer's Michael Dell and Cybergrr's Aliza Sherman.

June 8, 1998
How Web Professional Groups Can Put Careers Into High Gear
Marianne Cooley found a perfect-fit gig—two days a week as a consulting Webmaster to a company minutes from her house in Needham, Mass.—through the monthly e-newsletter of Boston Webgrrls. "People who belong to a group have established credibility for a company looking to hire," said Cooley, who owns a consulting firm called NetHorizons Unlimited.

March 2, 1998
Netscape HTTP-REFERER Issue (Security Bug?)
Mark J. Lilback, Technical Director - Cybergrrl, Inc. gets this first net.fame of the day for sending in this news on a potential issue with HTTP-REFERER.

February 26, 1998
Surfer Grrrls - Women Are Making the Net Their Own
When Aliza Sherman first logged on to the World Wide Web, she wasn't exactly flooded with female friendly advice. "I'd put in 'women' and get tons of X-rated stuff. . . but when I went looking for something useful on PMS, I couldn't find anything." So, in the interests of truth, justice and online equality, Sherman transformed herself into Cybergrrl, an Internet heroine with her own cartoon logo. "If it doesn't exist, we'll make it. . . That's pretty much how we created everything!"

February 15, 1998
Web Home to Cybergrrls, Glamour Surfers Alike
Sherman logged on in 1989. She felt she was the only woman on the Net. So Sherman, now 30, decided to get in on the action. Along with Cybergrrl Inc., she founded Webgrrls Inc., a networking group that seeks to bring women on-line and show them the value of technology in their personal and professional lives.

February, 1998
Caped Crusader
In January 1995. . . Sherman founded Cybergrrl, Inc. Its real-world spin-off, Webgrrls, organizes support groups in 107 cities for "both the woman who wants to learn about technology and the woman who wants to network," She says the wacky alias has helped her make a name as a power player and a role model. Top techie women, she says, "need to be visible so other women and girls can say, 'I want that job. That's a cool job—and look, there's a woman there'."

February 4, 1998
Personal "Cyberville"; Empowering "Cybergrrl!"
Sherman learned the rudiments of Web publishing in a one-hour class. The Net is more complicated now, but [in her book Cybergrrl! A Woman's Guide to the World Wide Web] she explains it simply without being condescending. Be assured she knows her stuff; she runs an Internet consulting and design business and is founder of the international networking group Webgrrls. She shares some of those women's stories to inspire those not yet online. Sherman's refrain—"I'm living proof you don't have to be a techie"—may sound a bit chirpy, but if you find the Net intimidating, Cybergrrl's Guide may be just the ticket.

January 29-February 5, 1998
Brand on the Run - The Many Faces of Aliza Sherman's Cybergrrl
A year ago, female surfers accounted for only one third of all web users. Hoping to help increase those numbers, 30-year-old entrepreneur and author Aliza Sherman wrote the just-published Cybergrrl! A Women's Guide to the World Wide Web... In clear language free of technical gibberish, Sherman explains how to get online and connect to information both professionally and personally useful to women.

January 20, 1998
Femina Dot Com (review)
It's a clearing house for all kinds of information. I looked at this site a couple of years ago, and it has grown and improved since then. You'll find it interesting, thought provoking and useful—whether you're a man or a woman.

January 20, 1998
Webgrrls Names Industry's "Most Influential" Women
This is an important step in the recognition of the contribution women have made to the success of the Internet and the technical industry. The Internet is a technology that demanded change—new ways of thinking, planning and delivering product, content, messaging. Women have embraced this change, and this list is the first in what I hope is a series of landmarks heralding women's achievement in high technology.

January 6, 1998
The Founding of Cybergrrl and the Webgrrl Network
Aliza Sherman certainly hadn't planned on becoming "Cybergrrl," the popular icon leading women and girls onto the web. She might still be wondering about her career path in the music industry if it wasn't for a traumatic, life changing experience in late 1994. She and a friend were robbed at gunpoint and kidnapped! Aliza bought a plane ticket to Santa Fe to get away from New York City for awhile. While there, she saw an ad for a $10 class in HTML programming and signed up. That changed the course of her life.


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