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October 21, 1997
Cybergrrl Had What It Took
Aliza Sherman found on-line success by targeting a web audience that barely existed three years ago—women. . . "When I first started Cybergrrl Inc., it was purely consulting. . . Then we began creating our own websites which became so popular. . . people want to advertise. . . Not every Website has that kind of success. We just have a highly targeted audience," said Sherman.

June, 1997
The Grrl Behind the Grrls (Interview with Aliza Sherman)
"Webgrrls has a mission to help women succeed in an increasingly technical workplace and world, and it encourages women to help other women succeed. By providing a forum, Webgrrls helps members exchange job and business leads, mentor and teach, intern and learn about the Internet, Web and new media in general. Women are often feeling intimidated or isolated by technology—Webgrrls is a warm community where women can share and grow. . . Cybergrrl is for real people, not the technology elite. Although, they seem to like Cybergrrl, too. I don't try to compete with the companies that create the cutting edge stuff—we create solid, sensible products that can be utilized immediately and make sense to everyone."

April 14-20, 1997
Grrrls Get On Line
Cybergrrl proves that you don't have to be a big organization to have a stunning presence on the Web. Whether you're a woman looking for information or inspiration, or just someone wanting an introduction to the potential of the Internet, this is a great place to start.

February 24-March 2, 1997
Joining Them Made Sense for Cybergrrl, Inc.
When Ms. Sherman founded Cybergrrl in 1995, she had to knock advertisers over the head to persuade them there were enough cybergirls to make on-line marketing worth it. Now, large advertisers. . . are so convinced that they're establishing their own Web sites, with content similar to that at

January 2, 1997
Here's Cybergrrl: Your Guide to the World Wide Web
"I think it's important for women to be online, to use the World Wide Web, the Internet and e-mail," Sherman said. "It's important for everyone, but I think that women can meet other women around the world; they can organize, they can work on women's issues, they can make contacts that might help them in their careers. So there's a lot of ways that women can benefit from being online.'Cybergrrl is giving girls a chance to have a voice on the net, one that could help boost their self-esteem. "I hope it's neat for girls to see the site and say 'I could do this too'."


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