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December, 1996
A Virtual Room of One's Own
In just two years, Sherman, a.k.a. Cybergrrl, has created. . . Femina, the biggest search engine for women-related Web sites. She has also founded Webgrrls, an international networking group, and heads Cybergrrl Internet Media, a consulting firm specializing in on-line marketing. . . Her projects spring from the philosophy that technology is a tool no self-respecting feminist should be without.
Mayor's Proclamation - Webgrrls Day
October 22, 1996
Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani presents a proclamation to Aliza Sherman, Founder of [Webgrrls], and Cristyne Lategano, Mayor's Director of Communications. Cristyne Lategano delivered the keynote speech at the First Webgrrls Expo on October 22, 1996.

May 30, 1996
Women On-line: Cybergrrl Aims to Show the Way
It's a man's world out there in cyberspace - but not if Aliza Sherman has anything to do about it. Ms. Sherman. . . has a mission: to empower women and girls through technology. Her Cybergrrl Webstation page offers information on software and links to other female-oriented sites. Her Webgrrls site tells visitors when the next real-life Webgrrls meeting is taking place in their area. And the FeMiNa site allows users to search a database of female-oriented web sites.

February 25, 1996
(Inter) Networking for New-Media Women
Ms. Sherman realized that women like herself, tackling Internet businesses, needed their own group. So she organized Webgrrls and created its Web site. "I get e-mail all the time from women who just joined or attended one meeting and found the job they needed," Sherman told the group. "Or I get companies coming to us looking for a certain person. That's a very powerful thing. "

Welcome, women
These Nifty Sites Show Why More Women Are Frequenting the Internet

The male stranglehold on the Internet is loosening, and fast. . . Women see the Internet as a tool and usually go online with a goal in mind. Web developers—many of them women—are capitalizing on the surging interest by creating sites that reach out specifically to women. What follows is a sampling of such sites, each of which encompasses a broad range of interests. . . Aliza Sherman calls Cybergrrl Webstation—which she began in early 1995 as her personal home page—a woman's starting point on the Web. Her goal is to encourage women to explore the Web by pointing to what she considers "useful information."

December, 1995
The Net 50
Where to find the Big Thinkers of tomorrow? Start here, with Newsweek's list of the 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet. Aliza Sherman. . . drew the superheroine Cybergrrl and used the image on her homepage. Since then the page has become high-traffic repository for women's health and lifestyle information on the Web.


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